Staying Safe on the Internet

The internet is a place that is used everyday but while it is important to our daily life, we are also putting ourselves in danger by giving out information about ourselves. But there are ways we can keep ourselves out of danger and That is what I will try to explain here.

When we are signing up for a social media website like facebook or twitter we don”t think much about it, but what we are doing right there is giving thousands of people our name, e-mail and city you live in. On sign up sheets on these websites you are often given options on security settings and if you dont want to be possibly “creeped” I would set it so all your info is hidden other than your name. While you do something like this to protect yourselves you can also fall into bad habits like posting things like your phone numbers and adresses to tell someone to text your or come over. This may be okay but you  got to think who is seeing this (Your friends, friends of friends, and if your security is low anyone who looks up your name)  so right after you make this public people you don’t know know how to contact you and can come staight to your door. Which to me is very creepy.


A rule that I role by is never put anything on the internet that you wouldn’t be happy showing to most people on the earth, or think about would your grandma or mother be proud or embarrased from what you just posted on facebook?  While there are some websites that are very protective and safe like Itunes, you should never put in your postal code, adress or email without knowing 100% what you are signing up for. Then you can prevent junk mail virus and other things from hurting your computer.

It is hard to keep your info safe but with a few easy steps you willbe protecting yourself from all sorts of viruses.


peterborough and I

My name is Sam I am 13 and I like sports. I play rep hockey and baseball and I enjoy them them both a lot. I have a family of 4, my sister, mother and father. I enjoy travelling and the outdoors. And I try to stay outside as much as I can. I am also one of the 76,000 people who live in the city of peterborough.

Peterborough is a nice city with a medium population. There are always things going on in this city so you always should have something to do. Some of the interesting things that peterborough has is a CHL team (canadian hockey league) called the Peterborough Petes there are liftlocks too.

There is a mall in peterborough it is big, some times I visit it and eat in the food court at my favourite resteraunt Subway. Peterborough is not that exciting, it is just an average city but it is a great place to live!!


This year learning to blog has been a very interesting blogging for a experience. But I have really enjoyed it. I have enjoyed blogging for a few reasons.

One reason that I like writing on my blog is because I get to use the computers to write with. I like using the computers because it is a break from using just a pencil and paper. Another thing that I like about having a blog is that you can see who is reading what I have wrote by using a visitor tracker. I am fine with people reading my blog because I don’t put anything on it that I would find embarrasing if someone rean it and I find it interesting that people have looked at my blog from all over the world. It is also cool that you can customize your blog using things called “widgets” these are easy to use and it shows a litttle of creativity in your blog.

Next year I would really like to blog again because of how much fun and easy to use it was this year. And another year would let me get to figure out some more things about edublogs. Also if I got the chance to use blogging next year I think a lot of kids that didn’t get to use blogs this year would enjoy them I would be happy to help them learn about blogging.

I really liked blogging and next year I would really like to do it again.