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After watching the video on the boy who has experienced first hand bullying I have many mixed emotions and thoughts.  The first thing that I was thinking when I started watching the video since I had heard nothing about this person was is this video legit, not made by some one who is trying to raise awareness about bullying.   But I realized that the video was a true video and made by this boy.  I noticed it was true because of the emotions that he was showing and he was really depressed and upset going public about his bullying troubles.

This video has made me have many different reactions.  One reaction I got from the video is I was feeling bad for him.  I would hate to be in a situation like he is in.  I also feel bad for him because of how depressed he is and what he has done through being depressed from cutting himself to almost committing suicide all because of the bullying he has to put up with.  Then finally only having one friend now to help you when your being bullied and to have someone to talk to about what you are going through would be very difficult.

I personally never felt the same way as Jonah so I have trouble understanding what he is going through.  But I can sort of think about from seeing people go through things like this and seeing people like my friends put them down even more.  There are people that I think of when I hear someone talking about things like this and I feel bad for them but at the same time I think what are they doing wrong are they trying to be friends with the wrong people or is it that they are acting sort of wierd or different that no one really wants to be good friends with them.   I don’t really understand but I do understand that it must be really tough on a kid like Jonah.

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  1. Sam, you’ve got some interesting things written here. I like how you recognize that even though you haven’t experienced what he is going through you do understand how tough it would be. You also write that you’ve seen your friends put down people. I know you are a pretty quiet guy, but do you think there is anything you can do about it?

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