Grade 7

This year has been a year of many ups and downs but now looking back at it, it has been a pretty good year.

Changing schools was a big change this year, coming from a very small school with about 1 and a half classes per grade to this school with about 5. Meeting all these new people was a good experience but at the time it was awkward and uncomfortable not knowing everyone.

One moment that I really enjoyed this year was when we visited Jackson’s Park it was a good bonding moment for our class and it was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed using technology this year and I had one of the best teachers in the school

This was another good year for me and I am now ready for summer break.

Staying Safe on the Internet

The internet is a place that is used everyday but while it is important to our daily life, we are also putting ourselves in danger by giving out information about ourselves. But there are ways we can keep ourselves out of danger and That is what I will try to explain here.

When we are signing up for a social media website like facebook or twitter we don”t think much about it, but what we are doing right there is giving thousands of people our name, e-mail and city you live in. On sign up sheets on these websites you are often given options on security settings and if you dont want to be possibly “creeped” I would set it so all your info is hidden other than your name. While you do something like this to protect yourselves you can also fall into bad habits like posting things like your phone numbers and adresses to tell someone to text your or come over. This may be okay but you  got to think who is seeing this (Your friends, friends of friends, and if your security is low anyone who looks up your name)  so right after you make this public people you don’t know know how to contact you and can come staight to your door. Which to me is very creepy.


A rule that I role by is never put anything on the internet that you wouldn’t be happy showing to most people on the earth, or think about would your grandma or mother be proud or embarrased from what you just posted on facebook?  While there are some websites that are very protective and safe like Itunes, you should never put in your postal code, adress or email without knowing 100% what you are signing up for. Then you can prevent junk mail virus and other things from hurting your computer.

It is hard to keep your info safe but with a few easy steps you willbe protecting yourself from all sorts of viruses.


peterborough and I

My name is Sam I am 13 and I like sports. I play rep hockey and baseball and I enjoy them them both a lot. I have a family of 4, my sister, mother and father. I enjoy travelling and the outdoors. And I try to stay outside as much as I can. I am also one of the 76,000 people who live in the city of peterborough.

Peterborough is a nice city with a medium population. There are always things going on in this city so you always should have something to do. Some of the interesting things that peterborough has is a CHL team (canadian hockey league) called the Peterborough Petes there are liftlocks too.

There is a mall in peterborough it is big, some times I visit it and eat in the food court at my favourite resteraunt Subway. Peterborough is not that exciting, it is just an average city but it is a great place to live!!


This year learning to blog has been a very interesting blogging for a experience. But I have really enjoyed it. I have enjoyed blogging for a few reasons.

One reason that I like writing on my blog is because I get to use the computers to write with. I like using the computers because it is a break from using just a pencil and paper. Another thing that I like about having a blog is that you can see who is reading what I have wrote by using a visitor tracker. I am fine with people reading my blog because I don’t put anything on it that I would find embarrasing if someone rean it and I find it interesting that people have looked at my blog from all over the world. It is also cool that you can customize your blog using things called “widgets” these are easy to use and it shows a litttle of creativity in your blog.

Next year I would really like to blog again because of how much fun and easy to use it was this year. And another year would let me get to figure out some more things about edublogs. Also if I got the chance to use blogging next year I think a lot of kids that didn’t get to use blogs this year would enjoy them I would be happy to help them learn about blogging.

I really liked blogging and next year I would really like to do it again.

Facial Hair

To me I think facial hair is a very impoprtant way to show your importance in the way of appearence. I think that you look more important and smart with a well trimmed mustache and you can also look rough from a bushy beard like a biker.

Facial hair can really show the persons “manlyness” for example if you have a nice little stubble because you can not grow facial hair you could be considered young or plain and simple you can’t grow facail hair and which could make you less of a man. While if you have a big nice clean beard you prove you can grow facail hair while you have that tough effect going on.

Another effect facail hair can have is if you have a small beard you look more experienced and proffesional and in a job interview that looking professional could be that next step that makes people believe you really are professional. Which could make people have more trust in your services.

Although facial hair is not the only way to show who you are it can help you while at the same time looking good .


Free Entry

Now that the hockey season has ended I have a new sport to look forward to baseball!

For me baseball is my favourite sport. Last year we had a very sucessful season finishing 21-1 but this season we have lost a couple of very solid players to other teams so it will be a challenge to redeem our selves this season. I play 3rd and pitcher and this year since one of the players we lost was our top pitcher I will probably play a bigger role in pitching. On the team we are good friends and always have fun when we go away to tournament and that sort of thing.

I predict we will have a succesful exciting seaeson this year but 21-1 will be very hard to duplicate but if the team plays good I think we could have another shot at that kind of record. But we’ll have to see!!

The Hunger Games Aftermath

After the book I am quite interested about watching the movie. The main part in the movie I would really like to see is the scene with the “Muts” I would like to see this for a couple of reasons, the first one is I would like to see what they generally look like and how in the movie they will be able to show that the “Muts” have the attributes of the dead competitors. And the final thing I would like to see is how the producers were able to show the parts when Kato was suffering and being attacked by the “Muts” because they explained it in the book as very gruesome and nasty and it would probably be very hard to reinact.

Another thing I am wondering about for the movie is how they will show the violence in the movie. After looking at the trailer and reviews I have come to a conclusion that the movie will end up being a lot less violent then the book. I do not know how this will effect the movie but this must of been the option for them them to keep the movie in the area for the projected audience (kids) and so the rating will stay under the ( R & 18a ) made for adults.

Hunger Games Movie Review

The Hunger Games movie overall I thought it was a good movie but I also think that in all cases there were some things that could have been more detailed and relate more to the book. If I hadnt’t of heard the book before the movie I think I would of found it a little more confusing at the beginning because of how quick the movie was moving along but also I would not of known how detailed the book was so the minor things they left out in the movie probably would not have beeen anywhere near as noticeable.

One thing in particular that I really enjoyed was what the actors looked like I thought they looked like just about exactly as the book explained and I imagined. Another thing that I enjoyed was how they displayed the violence. The violence seemed gruesome while at the same time blurred out, they showed some blood so it was like the book but they also kept it in the P.G. rating by showing only distinctive battles that were really needed in the movie to keep the tempo and excitement up.

There were some things that I thought were not shown very well in the movie aswell. Some thing like the cornicopia in the book was explained as a large golden cone shaped object but in the movie it was a very edgey, boxed shape black object it was nothing like what I thought. Some thing else was shown in the movie a little bit off from what was explained in the book were the “Muts” these animals were explained to have eyes and size like the other tributes and there were supposed to 21 of these things but in the movie they were all the same and only about 5 of them.

Overall I thought the movie was still good but if they put a couple more details and slowed the movie down a little it would have been just a little bit better that I think would definitely push the Hunger Games movie over the top.

Rate 8/10 (Good Movie)

After my Structure Presentation

After experiencing my first electronic presentation on the computer there are many things that I would like to work on and improve. One thing in particular that I would like to improve on is talking about my pictures and talking about what is going on in them. Another thing is that I would like to do is memorize and know a little bit more what I am going 5to talk about so I don’t have to read entirely off the page. Overall I think my presentation was alright but with these little corrections I think it will be much better

Bullying Video

After watching the video on the boy who has experienced first hand bullying I have many mixed emotions and thoughts.  The first thing that I was thinking when I started watching the video since I had heard nothing about this person was is this video legit, not made by some one who is trying to raise awareness about bullying.   But I realized that the video was a true video and made by this boy.  I noticed it was true because of the emotions that he was showing and he was really depressed and upset going public about his bullying troubles.

This video has made me have many different reactions.  One reaction I got from the video is I was feeling bad for him.  I would hate to be in a situation like he is in.  I also feel bad for him because of how depressed he is and what he has done through being depressed from cutting himself to almost committing suicide all because of the bullying he has to put up with.  Then finally only having one friend now to help you when your being bullied and to have someone to talk to about what you are going through would be very difficult.

I personally never felt the same way as Jonah so I have trouble understanding what he is going through.  But I can sort of think about from seeing people go through things like this and seeing people like my friends put them down even more.  There are people that I think of when I hear someone talking about things like this and I feel bad for them but at the same time I think what are they doing wrong are they trying to be friends with the wrong people or is it that they are acting sort of wierd or different that no one really wants to be good friends with them.   I don’t really understand but I do understand that it must be really tough on a kid like Jonah.